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"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan."
Irving Townsend

Mälarlejonet Leon


Born 29. September 1979
(Int NordUCh Troldegaards Cerberus x Troldegaards Tanja)
Breeder: Margareta Gustafson-Eskner, Sverige.

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Leon came to us in 1979 and he was our first meeting with the leonberger breed. His kind being just swept us away, and that is probably the reason why, there's been leonbergers in our home ever since. Unfortunately he was afflicted by the parvovirus, and this was before there was a parvo vaccine available. He overcame the disease, but died later, probably due to delated side-effect of the disease. He only got to be one year old.

N SUch Mälarlejonet Leonel

Born 29. September 1979
(Int NordUCh Troldegaards Cerberus x Troldegaards Tanja)
Breeder: Margareta Gustafson-Eskner, Sverige.

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Leonel, "Bamse"
Bamse was in the same litter as Leon, and he was being rehomed at the time we lost Leon. When we were offered to take him in, the decision wasn't hard, and he came to us at the age of one year. Bamse grew up with our two sons and enjoyed himself when we gave him tasks. He pulled children in pulk or wagon, competed in obedience and dog shows and he had an amazing capacity to work. At times he would give us some challenges, but not too much. Leonbergers did remain our breed also after he died, at an age of 8,5 years.

N SUch Mälarlejonet Xindy

Born 25. juni 1989
(SUCh Dragongården´s Pompe x SUChMälarlejonet Mariko)
Breederr: Margareta Gustafson-Eskner, Sverige




Xindy came to us after we lost Bamse. A sweet and kind little girl, with strong opinions. She was only supposed to be a family-dog and hiking-companion, but she became so much more. The childrens best friend, our hiking-companion, and we worked with obedience, agility and dog shows. She had a wonderful disposition and was a dog web could trust in all circumstances. Margreta from Malarlejonet kennel managed to convince us that such a great dog should pass her great qualities on. That was the start of our small breeding, and Xindy gave us two wonderful litters. She died at the age of 9 years.

N SUch Slåttvika´s Bobo Bear

Born 1993-07-09
(S NUCh Vita Rubus Frutikosus x N SUCh Mälarlejonet Xindy)


Bobo was from Xindy's first litter, and he came to mean a lot to many people. He was a very proud boy with a great emanation and calmness about him. Always friendly and overbearing with both people and animals,and with a very well-developed language. Besides being a faithful hiking-companion and a family-dog he also did obedience, dog shows and 'search and rescue'. We often thought to our selves that such an amazing dog would only come around once in a lifetime, but everyone does have their own qualities. He got to father six litters, and died at the age of 9 years.

Slåttvika's Melissa

Born 1998-08-11
(Nuch Slåttvika´s Bobo Bear x Mälarlejonet Pebbles)

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N S UCh Slåttvika´s Song O´Penny Lane

Slåttvika's Song O'Penny Lane
Born 30. April 2001

(N Such Slåttvika´s Bobo Bear - Mälarlejonet Pebbles)

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Penny have had two litters
.Northern litter
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Nord S UCh Slåttvika´s Northern Surprise Lunah

Slåttvika's Notrthern Lunah

Int Nord Fin Est Lt UCh A Son O´A Lion -
N S UCh Slåttvika´s Song O´Penny Lane

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