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Slåttvika's Melissa


Melissa was the daughter of our Bobo, and is probably the most special and demanding dog we've had. She was special already as a puppy, attentive and alert to everything happening around her. A somewhat insecure girl who preferred to stay at home, in familiar surroundings and among friends. Her insecurity also made us decide not to use her in breeding. But she has been an amazing stepmother to the litters we've had here during her time. Melissa was energetic, and on hikes she acted more like a hound, with her speed and endurance. She would find a solution to most things, and she loved playing with and "teasing" our sons. When she was little she would destroy everything, except a tiger she got from our youngest son. The tiger, which was as big as she was, became her own private friend trough her whole life. It gave her comfort and calmness when she needed it, in such a way Melissa and The tiger became the trademark for everyone who knew her. The fact that she could be quite demanding probably just made us more attached to her. Melissa got to be 9 years old.

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