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Toril and Stig Arne Jakobsen
Vinkelveien 33
N-8517 Narvik
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About us

Slåttvikas Kennel is situated approx. 30 km north of Narvik. We live close to both ocean and mountain, and we chose the kennels name because we live in a bay ("vik" in norwegian) called Slåttvika.  I, Toril, my husband Stig Arne and our dogs, Penny and Luna, live here.

Our two sons, Ørjan and Bjørnar, have grown up and moved away from home.

We got our first leonberger in 1979.

Leon came from Margareta Gustavsson at Malarlejonet kennel, and later Leonel and Xindy came from the same kennel. Xindy became the first ancestor in our breeding. After her we kept Bobo, who was the father of Melissa and Penny. Penny then became the mother of Luna and from her breeding we got our Nala . In our pack we also have Evita - bought from Knockando's kennel ini 2013. 2015 we bought Asta fra Mamili's kennel.She lives with Heidi og Arvid Mollan in North of Norway - Senja.

Our dogs have participated in many things, such as aguility, obedience, search and rescue and dog shows. But first and foremost they are fully members of our family and faithful companions on hikes and trips.
penny og luna skuer ut over fjellet



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